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    Dirty Sexy Money
    Temporada 2
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    Dirty Sexy Money
    3,0 1 crítica

    Info de la temporada

    13 episodios
    Emitida en ABC
    Temporada producida en 2008
    Peter Krause
    Peter Krause
    Personaje : Nick George
    Donald Sutherland
    Donald Sutherland
    Personaje : Patrick 'Tripp' Darling III
    Jill Clayburgh
    Jill Clayburgh
    Personaje : Letitia Darling
    William Baldwin
    William Baldwin
    Personaje : Sénateur Patrick Darling
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    Los episodios de la temporada 2
    The Birthday Present
    S02E01 - The Birthday Present
    New series. Six months have passed and Brian is reunited with his illegitimate son. Tripp and Letitia throw a lavish party for Nick, and Karen's relationship with Simon intensifies
    The Family Lawyer
    S02E02 - The Family Lawyer
    A week after the eventful birthday party, Letitia's trial commences and a memorial service is held for Ellen. Nick has to decide who should be co-chair at Darling Enterprises
    The Star Witness
    S02E03 - The Star Witness
    Nick gets a shock when the witness testifying against Letitia is revealed, and Patrick takes part in a senatorial debate overseen by Dan Rather
    The Silence
    S02E04 - The Silence
    Ellen's brother arrives demanding to know the truth about his sister's death, while Letitia's house arrest prevents her from attending Patrick's election party
    The Verdict
    S02E05 - The Verdict
    Nick discovers a secret about Nola during Letitia's murder trial, while Tripp tries to wield his influence over Patrick when he chooses his chief of staff. Peter Krause stars
    The Injured Party
    S02E06 - The Injured Party
    Letitia hits a female cyclist with her car
    The Summer House
    S02E07 - The Summer House
    The Plan
    S02E08 - The Plan
    The Organ Donor
    S02E09 - The Organ Donor
    The Facts
    S02E10 - The Facts
    The Convertible
    S02E11 - The Convertible
    The Unexpected Arrival
    S02E12 - The Unexpected Arrival


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