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    Sasha Grey
    • Hilari S.
      Una pregunta . Quien no querría pasar unas vacaciones con esta actriz???
    • Enrique G.
      ADMIRABLE Sasha Grey,,,allow me to express that you,,,really,,,are so:SPECTACULARLY Ultra Super Archi Mega Gorgeously BEAUTIFUL.!!!,,,indeedESTEEMED Sasha,,,this previous adjetive I've told you with a lot of RESPECT.! ,,,but also,,, with a great ASSERTION.!LOVEABLE Sasha,,,since Xalapa,Ver.,,,in Mèxico,,,I send you 100 KISSES for 90 of them you apply on your FOREHEAD,,,on your EYEBROWS,,,on your wonderful EYES,,, on your pretty NOSE,,,on your both CHEEKS,,,on your CHIN,,,around of your NECK,,,on your SHOULDERS,,,lengthways of your both ARMS,,,on your HANDS,,,well Sasha,,,until on your FEET,,,but the another 10 remaining you apply into your VERY appetizing MOUTH,,,on your delicious LIPS. OH OH OH OH Sasha,,,I've been a daring,,, I am very SORRY.!!!,,,just keep them into your HEART. OK.?FRIENDLY Sasha,,,Do you wanna be my facebook.LOVER.? OH OH OH OH again,,, I've been a daring,,, I am very SORRY.!!! again.UNDERSTANDABLE Sasha,,,Do you want to be my facebook.FRIEND.? PLEASEADORABLE Sasha,,,my e-mail = enrique.gonzalez64@yahoo.com.mx = kingkong.enriqe@outlook.com (enriqe without ".u." is OK)
    • Darcy Cebrian M
      tu si que sabes complacer tu garganta flaca.
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