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    Noche de miedo (Fright Night)
    Fright Night (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
    Fright Night (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
    Fecha de estreno: 2011
    Artista/Compositor: Ramin Djawadi
    Duración: 0:25:22
    Número de canciones: 10
    Versión Original 0
    Welcome To Fright Night 1:13
    There's A Lot Of Bad People Out There 1:03
    Jerry's Date 5:12
    A Terrible Vampire Name 2:46
    We Could Rock This Evil Thing Together 3:44
    Is That A Stake? 1:21
    400 Years Of Survival 3:10
    How To Kill A Vampire 1:42
    Just Hit Me 1:27
    No House, No Invitation 3:44


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