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    Los Muppets
    The Muppets (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
    The Muppets (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
    Fecha de estreno: 2011
    Artista/Compositor: Christophe Beck
    Duración: 0:12:51
    Número de canciones: 10
    Versión Original 0
    The Muppet Show Theme 0:50
    "Muppet Studios, I Can't Believe It" 0:04
    Life's A Happy Song 4:29
    "I Haven't Seen The Old Gang" 0:20
    Pictures In My Head 2:35
    "We Drive" 0:11
    Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard 2:42
    "That Spells Reno" 0:18
    Rainbow Connection - From "The Muppets" / Moopets version 1:02
    "Welcome Back" 0:20


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