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    Galavant (Original Soundtrack)
    Galavant (Original Soundtrack)
    Fecha de estreno: 2015
    Artista/Compositor: Alan Menken
    Duración: 0:19:36
    Número de canciones: 10
    Versión Original 0
    Galavant - From "Galavant" / Soundtrack Version 2:21
    She'll Be Mine 2:11
    Maybe You're Not the Worst Thing Ever 1:42
    Oy! What a Knight 1:52
    Jackass in a Can 1:44
    Togetherness 2:23
    Comedy Gold 2:21
    Lords of the Sea 1:46
    No One But You 2:00
    Hey, Hey, We're the Monks 1:16


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