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    Info de la temporada

    22 episodios
    Cadena original SyFy US
    Temporada producida en 1996
    Kevin Conway
    Kevin Conway
    Los episodios de la temporada 2
    A Stitch in Time
    S02E01 - A Stitch in Time
    S02E02 - Resurrection
    Unnatural Selection
    S02E03 - Unnatural Selection
    Mind Over Matter
    S02E04 - Mind Over Matter
    First Anniversary
    S02E05 - First Anniversary
    Beyond the Veil
    S02E06 - Beyond the Veil
    I Hear You Calling
    S02E07 - I Hear You Calling
    Straight and Narrow
    S02E08 - Straight and Narrow
    Trial by Fire
    S02E09 - Trial by Fire
    Worlds Apart
    S02E10 - Worlds Apart
    The Refuge
    S02E11 - The Refuge
    Inconstant Moon
    S02E12 - Inconstant Moon
    From Within
    S02E13 - From Within
    The Heist
    S02E14 - The Heist
    S02E15 - Afterlife
    The Deprogrammers
    S02E16 - The Deprogrammers
    S02E17 - Paradise
    The Light Brigade
    S02E18 - The Light Brigade
    Falling Star
    S02E19 - Falling Star
    Out of Body
    S02E20 - Out of Body
    Vanishing Act
    S02E21 - Vanishing Act
    The Sentence
    S02E22 - The Sentence


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