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    Los misterios de Murdoch
    Temporada 2
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    Los misterios de Murdoch
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    13 episodios
    Emitida desde: 2009
    Yannick Bisson
    Yannick Bisson
    Personaje : William Murdoch
    Helene Joy
    Helene Joy
    Personaje : Dr Julia Ogden
    Jonny Harris
    Jonny Harris
    Personaje : George Crabtree
    Thomas Craig
    Thomas Craig
    Personaje : Insp. Brackenreid
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    Los episodios de la temporada 2
    Mild, Mild West
    S02E01 - Mild, Mild West
    Snakes and Ladders
    S02E02 - Snakes and Ladders
    Dinosaur Fever
    S02E03 - Dinosaur Fever
    Houdini Whodunnit?
    S02E04 - Houdini Whodunnit?
    The Green Muse
    S02E05 - The Green Muse
    Shades of Grey
    S02E06 - Shades of Grey
    Big Murderer on Campus
    S02E07 - Big Murderer on Campus
    I, Murdoch
    S02E08 - I, Murdoch
    S02E09 - Convalescence
    S02E10 - Murdoch.com
    Let Us Ask the Maiden
    S02E11 - Let Us Ask the Maiden
    S02E12 - Werewolves
    The detective becomes embroiled in the world of shamanism
    Anything You Can Do
    S02E13 - Anything You Can Do
    The detective teams up with a police officer to solve a murder. Last in the series


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