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    10 episodios
    Cadena original Channel 4
    Emitida desde: 2009
    Kaya Scodelario
    Kaya Scodelario
    Personaje : Effy Stonem
    Lisa Backwell
    Lisa Backwell
    Personaje : Pandora Moon
    Jack O'Connell
    Jack O'Connell
    Personaje : James Cook
    Luke Pasqualino
    Luke Pasqualino
    Personaje : Freddie McLair
    Los episodios de la temporada 3
    S03E01 - Everyone
    New series. Effy returns as queen bee of her class and is joined by best friend Pandora, while the guys are led by the irresponsible Cook. Twins Katie and Emily find themselves growing apart, while Thomas tries to adapt to the country after living in Congo. Kaya Scodelario, Lisa Backwell, Jack O'Connell and Merveille Lukeba star
    S03E02 - Cook
    S03E03 - Thomas
    Pandora and Effy befriend an African teenager who has just arrived in the UK. Told to find a place for his family to live, the newcomer has to work out a way of earning money before he can rent a flat he has seen - run by local gangster Johnny White. Guest starring Maureen Lipman, David Baddiel and Mackenzie Crook
    S03E04 - Pandora
    Katie spikes the chocolate brownies for Pandora's party
    S03E05 - Freddie
    Freddie's feelings of isolation grow when his sister reaches the final of a TV talent show and he is blackmailed into keeping up a phoney story about their dead mother to help her cause. To add to his woes, the teenager is fed up of living in Cook's shadow - leading him to contemplate taking steps to turn his life around and put his desires first. Featuring a guest appearance by DJ Scott Mills
    S03E06 - Naomi
    Naomi and Cook go head to head in the student elections
    S03E07 - JJ
    JJ feels overwhelmed by the changes taking place in his friendship circle. With his mother worn out, and Cook and Pandora's secret weighing on his shoulders, he is in need of a friend
    S03E08 - Effy
    Katie flaunts her new-found status as Queen Bee by inviting Effy to a party in the woods on the condition that she drives but does not bring Cook. Jealousy and rivalries create a tense atmosphere until the teenagers find magic mushrooms and decide to experiment. However, they soon realise they are not alone and terror strikes, but Effy sees an opportunity to follow her heart
    Katie And Emily
    S03E09 - Katie And Emily
    Katie plans to embarrass Emily at the ball
    S03E10 - Finale
    Cook takes a big risk for his father. Last in the series


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